Borage with beans “Pochas” and grilled vegetables T-330

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The perfect combination of emblematic products of the mediterranean diet in this traditional recipe!

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Borage is considered a deluxe vegetable and a culinary specialty in the cuisine of prestigious restaurants. It is also very attractive from a nutritional and dietary point of view. It contains a lot of water, helps to improve the mood, improves the health of the skin and bones and its iron content prevents anemia. It is the ideal ingredient to add to beans with grilled vegetables. With a sweet and creamy flavor, pochas are a variety of white beans that are grown and harvested before maturity, when the natural sugars of the product are transformed into starch. A combination that you can not resist!


Calorías 213.9
Proteinas 0.8g
Grasas 2.1g
Carbohidratos 5.8g


Borage, water, "pochas" beanss, grilled vegetables, salt.

Weight 0.51 kg