Chickpeas with cod, green sauce and truffle oil (PN 290 gr)

7.98 IVA Incluido

A traditional stew that is part of Spanish cuisine. Tasty and very healthy.

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A traditional recipe rich in fiber. Chickpeas are a very nutritious type of legume that has a large amount of fiber, minerals and vitamins necessary for a balanced diet. The cod is a white fish with little fat and a low caloric intake and a source of vitamins, minerals and proteins that, as a whole, favor the health of the body. All dressed with truffle oil. Truffles are underground mushrooms, a highly valued gourmet food because it enhances flavors and aroma.

Calorías 160.5
Proteinas 5.5g
Grasas 9g
Carbohidratos 12.8g


Chickpeas, green sauce (oil, garlic, parsley, cornstarch and water), cod, salt.

Weight 0.51 kg